Activities After The Council of Ministers Resignation

Activities After The Council of Ministers Resignation

On August 10, 2020, the Prime Minister submitted his Government’s resignation on the effect of Beirut Port blast.


Despite submitting the resignation, the Prime Minister has not failed to fulfill his duties, but rather insisted on following up the citizen’s livelihood affairs and everything that would keep a continuum of public utility; fulfilling these duties has resulted in:


  • Signing around 1000 decrees to facilitate all daily livelihood matters of citizens and public service, most notably the decree that resulted in the issuance of a Loan Agreement Law between the Lebanese Republic and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development to implement the urgent project of Social Security Network support in response to COVID-19 pandemic and the Lebanese economic crisis, in addition to the Draft Decree which has been accompanied by his signature, concerning the amendment of Decree No. 6433 on 1/12/2011 (delimitation of the Lebanese exclusive economic zone) even if it hasn’t been issued. Furthermore, decrees related to accepting donations and assistance to overcome COVID-19 pandemic and Beirut Port blast repercussions that constituted the outstanding events have been signed, as well as decrees related to granting treasury advances to cover the expenses of the social plan aiming at assisting the poorest families and opening credits for COVID-19 vaccine procurement and exempting vaccines and medical supplies from customs duties.


  • Granting 317 exceptional approvals in agreement with the President of the Republic, most notably granting exceptional approvals to the Ministry of Finance to borrow in foreign currency from the Central Bank, inform the Governor of the Central Bank to allow the bank to open documentary credits necessary to Électricité du Liban (EDL), declare general mobilization to face the spread of the coronavirus, a Draft Memorandum of Understanding between the Qatar Fund for Development and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to reconstruct and rehabilitate the educational buildings affected by Beirut blast, Financial Cooperation Agreement (ACE) between Lebanon and the Federal Republic of Germany for 2018 containing a monetary donation of /35/ million euros, in the framework of supporting the project of the “educational program in Lebanon (schools construction) (20 million euros), water and sewerage program for refugee-hosting communities – South of Lebanon – third stage (15 million euros), exempt citizens from contact cost related to COVID, as well as working on the completion of the General Budget Draft for 2021 which contained a lot of livelihood and correctional articles, in addition to the preparations for the General Budget Draft for 2022, and approve and send the same to the Presidency of the Republic.  


  • Issuing 29 memorandums and circulars governing the work of public administrations, public institutions and municipalities at all levels.


  • Form and preside over committees, meetings and national and foreign bodies to follow up citizens’ livelihood and daily crises, notable among these committees, a committee to develop the recommendations of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities to address the matter of preventing the entrance of Lebanese agricultural products to Saudi Arabia, a committee to set a comprehensive plan to take the ultimate measures and tighten the application of counter-fraud, monopoly and price manipulation measures, especially food and basic needs of citizens and tighten control on border crossings to prevent smuggling.


  • Launch a campaign to vaccinate public sector employees in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and the Civil Service Council.


  • The vigorous follow-up which resulted in the deportation of 59 containers including extremely hazardous substances that were found after August 4 blast in the port in conjunction with the German Company Combilift.


  • Following up the Qaraoun Lake pollution case and address the causes belonging to chronic problems in Litani River.


  • Following up oil leak in South of Lebanon and finding remedies.


  • Addressing the existence of chemical substances in both oil refineries in Tripoli and Zahrani.


  • Delegating the Minister of Public Works and Transport to negotiate with the World Bank to transfer an amount from the loan of Greater Beirut Public Transport Project (BRT) of 5 million American dollars in favor of projects related to providing emergency accommodations and public safety factors in order to regulate the work of Rafic Hariri International Airport – Beirut.


  • Delegating the Minister of Public Works and Transport to negotiate with the World Bank to transfer an amount from the loan of Greater Beirut Public Transport Project (BRT) of 70 million American dollars in favor of the rehabilitation of international highways and the implementation of studies set in this regard so as to ensure all public safety factors.


  • Granting to the Ministry of Industry the approval to set restrictions on the exportation of clinker and cement according to conditions set by the Ministry of Industry, in addition to giving necessary instructions to the security forces entrusted with controlling all vents to stricter smuggling prevention.


  • Delegating the Minister of Finance to negotiate with Alvarez &Marsal Company on the amendments it suggested in the contract signed with the same in order to carry out the forensic audit tasks, sign these amendments and request him to have the opinion of the Committee of Legislation and Consultations about the draft of the new contract with a view to move forward in the forensic audit operation.


  • His visit to the state of Qatar in which he discussed ways to assist Lebanon to overcome the crisis the country is going through.


  • Communicate with the International Community, especially the Arab Community in order to provide assistance to Lebanon to help with mitigating livelihood and economic crisis, which has been reflected recently in the initiative of the Iraqi Government to provide Lebanon with a thousand tons of fuel.


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